About Gichuka

The Chuka People, who mainly speak Gichuka, are located in Tharaka Nithi County of Kenya. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (2009) Tharaka Nithi County has a total population of 356,330 people (male - 48% and female -52%). Majority of the residents in Tharaka Nithi County comprise the Tharaka, Mwimbi, Muthambi and Chuka. It is not known how many people Speak Gĩchuka language since the National census classified the Chuka among the Meru language cluster. According to ethnologue (1980) the estimated population of the Chuka language speakers was 70,000 and the population was increasing. Today we can project the population of the Chuka People to be about 160,000.

Gĩchuka language is intelligible with the neighbouring languages. Ethnologue places the lexical similarity of Gĩchuka with Embu [ebu] to be 73%, 70% with Gikuyu [kik], 67% with Kimîîru [mer], and 63% with Kikamba [kam].

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Wisdom of the Chuka people

The Chuka people have very rich proverbs and sayings which store some of their wisdom. You can access some of the proverbs ad sayings on our facebook page. Click here 

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