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Gichuka Bible Translation Patron

Our Project Patron is Prof. Erastus N. Njoka, the Vice-Chancellor of Chuka University. His role is to offer guidance to the translation Project and to assist in community mobilization and build strategic partnerships with stakeholders.

Prof. Njoka and Prof. Omulokoli

Gichuka Bible Translation Project Patron Prof. E.N Njoka receiving the Book of Luke from the BTL Patron Rev. Prof. Watson Omulokoli, during the Dedication of Luke.

The Gichuka Bible Translators

The Gichuka Bible Translatorsare three but they are asisted by the Project Advisory Committee and the reviewers of the Bible from the community who are the custodians of the language.

Bible Translators doing some checks with a consultant. From left:  Kenford Mwĩti Mbaka, Justus Mũgambi Gĩtarĩ, Betty Kathure Mũtegi and lastly Jeremiah Okumu, A consultant in Biblical Greek.

The Translation Project Advisory Committee

The Chuka Bible project is headed by a Project Advisory Committee of members from different churches. The executive committee chairman is Rev. Riungu Muratha (PCEA), the Vice-chairperson is Mr. Eustace Nkoroi (Elder PCEA Nthambo), and the Secretary is Rev. Mutegi Rindiri (GCC Chuka), the Vice- Secretary is Bishop Lucyline Simba (Ebenezer Church Ministries, Ndagani) and the Treasurer is Rev. Bernard Mucee (Regional Moderator Baptist Churches of Kenya).

Other Members of the Committee inclunde: Rev Sarah Murithi (PCEA), Rev Mukuru Boore (PCEA), Rev. Japheth Kinyua (EAPC Chuka), Rev Gideon Micheni  Nkubiu (GCC Kibugua), Mr. Protasio Mutema (Elder Cheera Catholic Church), Fr. Cyprian  Mbaka (Chuka Catholic Church). Rev. Arch. Edward Kanga (ACK), Mũtungatĩri Festus Murangiri (Rtd. PCEA) and  Rev. Dr. Mbiiri (MCK).

Chuka Translation Committee

From Left: Betty Mũtegi-Translator, Rev. Mũtegi Rĩndirĩ, Kenford Mwiti-Translator, Rev. Sarah Mũrĩthi,  Rev. Edward Kanga,  Rev. Mĩcheni Nkũbiũ, Mr. Eustace Nkoroi Nyaga,  Rev. Mũkũrũ Boore,  Rev. Benard Mũcee,  Rev. Festus Mũrangĩri,  Rev. Japhet Kinyua.

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